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Dave Expresses His Gratitude For His Supporters

Dave has been humbled by the generosity of his fans. Back in March of 2016, he launched his 3rd effort of kickstarter campaign. Focus was crucial to get the attention of fans that wanted to contribute. "There is a ton of noise out there!" said Dave. "It was hard enough asking for money for the project, let alone, continuing to ask until the thing funded!" Well, it was worth it as the latest EP-Several Reasons would have never even gotten off the ground.

The next step that Crater wants to do is take his time to truly recognize his contributors. There are rewards that Dave is excited to get to these dear folks that threw money in the hat for the project...T-Shirts, Hot/Cold Drink Tumblers, Old and New Music CDs and the physical copy of the new release itself. "I really cannot believe that this is happening!" Dave exclaimed. "One of the main things I think about is how to spoil these people that helped me achieve this precious collection of songs so dear to my soul."

Dave is at the Parlor in Traverse City on Saturday, September 30th at 8pm, performing the entire project live with just himself and his Taylor acoustic. Physical copies of the CD should be available if anyone wishes to purchase one and I am most certain Dave will sign one for you if you are nice.